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Aluminum Chlorohydrate Solution (ACH) is a highly concentrated solution of polyaluminum hydroxychloride; It is characterized by having the highest aluminum concentration (23% Al203) of any commercially available aluminum based solution. The basicity of ACH at 83% is also the highest available for any polyaluminum based solution. Basicity refers to the degree of acid neutralization and also represents a measure of how highly polymerized the aluminum in “ACH is.

The highly polymerized aluminum species in ACH have much higher cationic charge than the aluminum in standard salts such as alum or aluminum chloride, and even other polyaluminum products. Therefore, ACH can offer both a higher level of performance and lower overall dosages. The high degree of acid neutralization (basicity) also means that the effect on pH when applying ACH will be negligible ACH also effectively coagulates over broader pH range (as high as 9.5) versus traditional metal salt and lower basicity PAC.


Muncipal and Industrial Water Treatment

  • Improved turbidity removal
  • Improved color removal
  • Increased TOC (Total Organic Carbon) removal
  • Lower filter turbidities
  • Increased filter run length
  • Sludge reduction of over 50%
  • Simplified operations by eliminating pH and secondary polyelectrolyte fecd
  • Lower overall treatment costs


Aluminum Chlorohydrate Solution is a slightly corrosive mineral acid that has the following ratings:

Health Rating             : 1-Slight

Flammability Rating : 0-None

Reactivity Rating      : 1-Slight

Contact Rating           : 1-Slight

Protec Equip                : Goggles, Long sleeves, gloves


Tank Lorry 5 ton – 10 ton, Plastic bulk  1 Ton, Plastic Drum 250 Kg.




Clear to slight hazy

Specific Gravity

1,32 - 1,34

Al2O3 (%)

20 - 23

Cl (%)

7,0 - 8,0

Al : Cl Ratio

1,9:1  - 2,1:1

pH (30 %,w/w)

3,0 – 4,0

Basicity (%)

70 - 90

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