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Tuesday,24 November 2020 / 20:20:50 WIB


Cement Grinding Aid (  CGA  ) GATFLO is a water soluble liquid, Specially designed to improve grinding efficiencies in finish mill. This product is formulated with combination of an organic material (  Glycol based  ) and special penetrating agent to improve performance of grinding and cement strength. 


  • Increased mill production (  from 12% to > 20% according to the characteristics of the equipment and material to be ground )
  • Reduced grinding energy cost.
  • Improvement of ground product physical properties.
  • Mill performances are improved in both closed and open circuit operations.
  • Prevent caking of grinding media.


Appearance                     : Clear colorless to Yellowish liquid

Specific gravity at 25°C : 1.00 – 1.10

PH                                 : 8.0 – 10.0

Viscosity at 25°C               : Max 10 cps.

Chloride content             : Nil

Flash point                     : None

Solubility in water           : Soluble 


  • The increased mill production and energy saving are achieved at equal specific surface area or equal sieve residues (32,44,63,90 m).
  • Bulk specific gravity is increased.
  • The cement particle size distribution is improved resulting in better hydration efficiency.
  • The mechanical strength of cement are maintained or increased at all stage.
  • Plastic shrinkage bleeding tendencies are reduced.
  • The flow characteristics of cement are improved during and after bulk storage.


The dosage ranges from 0.2 Kg to 0.4 Kg/metric ton of material to be ground.

Industrial trials are required to determine optimal dosage. 


CGA GATFLO is ready to use. How ever, dilution with up to 5 part of water can also be prescribed for specific cases. A dosing pump is required to introduce the right dosage into the mix. CGA GATFLO may be introduced either directly into the mill or on the conveyor belt.

Our technicians are ready   to provide assistance to use CGA GATFLO in the best possible way.


CGA GATFLO is packaged in 200 Kg of plastic drum in 5 tons or 10 tons of tank lorry.
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