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Thursday,6 May 2021 / 22:01:07 WIB


KLI 1046 formulated for use as reverse osmosis antiscalant to control formation of inorganic scale and fouling of membrane surfaces.

KLI 1046 is thermally stable and its activity is not impaired in either acidic or alkaline solution. The excellent scale-inhibiting and fouling properties of Makem 926 will ensure that critical condition of membrane surfaces are maintained free of scale and fouling even when the water quality is such that the saturation index for hardness scale is exceeded.


KLI 1046 is synergistic blend of organic sequestering agent and polycarboxylic acid
Appearance  : Clear amber liquid
Sp. Gr at 25oC  : 1.22 -1.32
pH  : 7.0 – 8.0
Solubility : completely soluble in water
Dosage & Feeding

The dosage rates of KLI 1046 will vary according to the nature of water within the circuit to be treated  which will be influenced by feed water  quality and saturation indices of various scales forming species  present. KLI 1046 is very effective indeed, it has been found to be effective even at 5-20 ppm, but for heavy 
scale water a higher dosage will be needed since there is some demand on the chemical due to stoichiometry in its action. For such systems, we suggest a range of 50-100 ppm to be maintained in the system at all time for excellent scale control. For best result Makem 926 should be metered continuously using a corrosion resistant feed pump. It may be dosed directly from shipping container

Handling Precautions

Avoid contact with eyes or skin. In case eyes are contacted, flush with plenty of water at least for 15 minutes and get medical attention immediately.


In plastic container with a net weight 30 kg / pail

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