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Friday,21 September 2018 / 18:47:42 WIB


Polymer Unifloc C- HMW flocculant is a high molecular weight, very high cationic charge polyacrylamide supplied   in powder form.

Polymer Unifloc C -HMW must be completely dissolved in clean water for at least one hour as a 0.1 - 0.5% (1 - 5g/l) solution. Before feeding, it is  recommended that the solution be further diluted e.g. by means of a static mixer to <0.1%.

The product is mostly used in the treatment of municipal and industrial waste waters in application such as 

• Clarification through settling or flotation of solids 
• Sludge dewatering with centrifuges, filtration equipment of all types 

Typical dosages depend on the nature of the substrate being treated, but generally range from 1 - 10 kg/tonne dry solids.

Although the product is essentially non-toxic, appropriate care must be taken when handling the product. The use of a dust mask, safety goggles and protective clothing is recommended. Spilled polymer is very slippery ; Remove by scooping up the spillage as much as possible and washing the area with copious amounts of water. Store product in a cool, dry place.  For further information consult the MSDS 

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